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5 aside football players, give these bad habits up!


There is no need to read scientific researches or studies to agree that sports is beneficial for an individual’s mental and body health. However, regardless of the type of sport one engages in, if he or she has certain bad habits, the results will not be the ones desired. When it comes to 5 aside football for instance, players must be aware of the fact that if they want to master this sport and become professional players, they must give these bad habits up.

5 aside football players, give these bad habits up

Not getting enough sleep

The main rule that 5 aside players have to obey to is to get enough sleep at night. If you play when you are too tired, you will definitely not be able to give your best and help your team win the game, but on the contrary, you may be considered a bargain for the team. 5 aside football is quite different from the traditional one in the sense that the former type requires participants to move and act faster, since there number of players in each team is of only five. Even though the game usually lasts for nearly half an hour, it can still be quite exhausting for you if you are too tired.

Staying in one place

5 aside football is a game of speed and daring, which means that it is strongly recommended not to stay in only one place for too long while playing. The game is much more vivid compared to traditional football, which means that every player has to pay attention to the moves they make, the moves their teammates make and the ones their opponents make as well.

Not passing the ball

Another golden rule players have to follow is to pass the ball. Being a self-centred type of player is definitely not going to help you during the game. You may be a good footballer, but the best way to prove it is to show you are a team spirited type of person and you pass the ball to your teammates in order to win against the other team.

Not paying attention to what happens in the field

In 5 aside football you have to think a few steps further before you make one. You have to stay focused during the entire game and to pay attention to the moves of every player in the field, whether it is your teammate or someone from the other team. It is essential for you to have fast reaction time and to stay focused.