Affordable and unique wedding favours you can do it yourself

If you want to have a traditional wedding, then you know that you should offer your guests favours. This is the simplest way to show them your appreciation, because they took their time to join you during this important day. However, if you are not a celebrity, you may not want to spend too much on buying them, because you are aware that you can use the funds for other more important purposes. But you are also aware that you cannot send your guests home, without something unforgettable from your wedding, and you may find yourself in the point of looking for ideas. You have to make sure that what you will offer will not be thrown away, and the best way to do it, is to offer a favour that features a personal touch. Thankfully, you live in a world, where the possibilities are endless, and you can start by purchasing some cheap organza bags.

Affordable and unique wedding favours you can do it yourself

Offer them mints

If your wedding theme is based on fresh colours, then you should keep the same line when it comes to favours, you can buy tins of mints in bulk, and place a few of them in organza bags. You can complete the looks of the favours with labels with your wedding date, and your names. Also, if you want to bring them a persona touch, then you can write on the label a quote like “breath of fresh air” or “mint to last”. Your guests will definitely love to receive them.

Custom coffee or tea bags

If you love to drink tea or coffee, then you can offer your guests some favours inspired by this passion of yours. You only have to buy a large quantity of the coffee or tea type you like to drink, and a few bags. You can add to the favours some personalised stickers with your wedding date or a funny quote.

Coasters are useful

This is the type of project that would require only time, because it is quite affordable and it allows you to use your imagination. You can share with your guests your hobbies and passions, because you can personalise the tiles with paper models of your choice. These favours are amazing, because you can use them as both table decorations and wedding favours. For example if you like to travel you can use papers featuring maps. Or you can print pictures from your trips. You can be sure that your guests will never throw away the coasters.