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Affordable Home Improvements for Seniors

Seniors face countless everyday challenges. Even simple house chores can turn into impossible or dangerous missions when old age takes over your body. If you have elderly family members that you must take care off, you should consider some senior home improvements. Fear not, as these improvements won’t cost you a fortune.

Fix the problems of the house

Whether it is a leaking pipe, a faulty light switch or a shaky door knob, all these can cause accidents and injuries to seniors, therefore, consider fixing all the problems and replace the broken items in the house. Slippery surfaces and small carpets are very dangerous for seniors who lack balance, therefore you should replace the small rugs with bigger ones that cover the whole floor, or stick some rubber on the back of the carpet, this way it will not slip anymore. This way, you will keep seniors from slipping, falling or hurting themselves. If the seniors in question use a mobility scooter, make sure that the interior of their home is scooter friendly. This means that you must get rid of all the rugs and create wide walkways through the house. It also helps if they own a compact, easy to maneuver scooter. You can find a lot of great such scooters on mobilityscooter.reviews.
Affordable Home Improvements for Seniors 2

Install handrails

Handrails are a very good idea for bathrooms and kitchens, where floors can get wet and slippery. Some handrails near the toilet or the shower or even one in the shower can help seniors to get in and out without the danger of falling. In the bathroom, you can also cover the bottom of the tub with a safety mat and replace the faucet knobs with easier to handle levers. Also, make sure everything is in reach so that seniors won’t have to get on stools in order to grab something.

Pay attention to the lighting system

Darkness is very dangerous and sometimes seniors tend to miss the light switch and can’t manage to turn the lights on when they need to walk through the house. If a sensor lighting system is an investment far beyond your financial possibilities, a very ingenious idea is to install a light switch at the end of a hallway that will turn on all the lights in a certain area, such as the whole floor or the right area of the house, thus avoiding seniors from wandering along the walls in search of the light switch.
Affordable Home Improvements for Seniors 1

Purchase a second-hand stairlift

A very important help for seniors who have problems moving and climbing the stairs is the amazing stair lift, which can ease their movement and allows them to go up and down the stairs without the risk of falling and without any pain. This device is installed on the stair rail and consists in a chair that transports seniors from one floor to another. If you read some reviews on beststairlift.reviews you will see just how efficient these devices are. However, since such a device can cost up to 5000$, getting a second-hand one can seem a very good idea. Ameriglide offers great deals in stair lifts, and you can purchase one for nearly 2000$ with the same efficiency and utility as a more expensive one and a 10 years warranty. Ameriglade also puts at your service useful bath lifts, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walk-in tubs, pool lifts or wheelchair ramps, all designed to make living more safe and comfortable for seniors, at more affordable prices.