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Bright and spacious: lighten up your living room on a budget

Are you aware of the fact that living in a dark house can negatively affect your mental health? Paint color and light are crucial factors that influence your daily mood, especially if you work from home or you are currently unemployed and you spend most of the time with the family. The summer season makes everything seem lighter and more colorful, but what happens during winter or during those cold and rainy days? You do not want to feel like living in a basement or a cave. A dark house can lead to irritability, lack of inspiration and even depression. However, darkness does not only affect your mental health, but also the interior aspect of your home, which people perceive as small and cramped, not to mention that your guests probably feel down for no reason when entering the living room, which practically represents the biggest area in the house, but still does not receive the credit deserved because of the unsuitable design and color choices.

Home interior 3D rendering Home interior 3D rendering

Choose a lighter paint color that reflects your personality

You can put an end to the negative effects caused by a dark interior by making a few budget-friendly changes that will bring light and happiness into your living room. You can start by simply choosing another color for the walls. Do not rush the decision-making process because such an area should exude your unique personality so keep in mind that every single hue has a psychological meaning or value. You do not have to paint the living room by yourself if you do not possess the required skills. Instead, you can visit and find a good painter capable of adding a fresh coat of paint to your living room in no time. A professional can complete the job in no more than a few hours, but make sure that you do not overlook the importance of understanding the effects of each color on your mood, especially if you decide to combine two colors strategically in order to bring something original to the table. Whether you opt for a serene green or a soothing blue, you should keep the ceiling white in order to reflect natural light; otherwise, it will just absorb it.

Allow natural light to come in and brighten up your living room

Speaking of light, you should know that blinds or curtains in dark shades will only prevent natural light from transforming your living room into a brighter and more spacious place. You can find out more about how to use paint and light to change the mood in your home on various websites or in magazines. Furthermore, you should also be aware of the fact that light gives the impression of more space so if your living room is not as large as you would like, you can definitely use natural light to create the illusion of bigger and better. Cream-colored curtains are ideal if you care for your privacy, but still want to allow natural light to come in. If you choose to opt for blinds, at least make sure that you direct your attention towards a product that is less opaque.