Can I save money on the wedding flowers?

Do you want to have amazing blooms on your wedding day? Is not this every girls’ dream? Well, when you will look at the price of wedding flower arrangements, you will see that you cannot afford to hire a florist to make them, because they are quite expensive. So you should find a way to work within your budget, and have beautiful flower arrangements on your wedding day.

Can I save money on the wedding flowers

Opt for seasonal and local flowers

If you want to have the flower arrangements made by a professional, then you will have to consider the type of flowers you choose. You can save money if you prefer local and seasonal flowers, because you will not have to pay any taxes for the plants to be transported from another place. Also, you have the option to choose flowers that are available the entire year around, and to mix them with seasonal one, for obtaining unique flower arrangements.

Make the arrangements by yourself

If you want to save a lot of money, then you can grow your own flowers and use them to create the flower arrangements. You can buy some floristry ribbons to add them more charm. Also, ribbon is very useful when it comes to making flower bouquets, because you can use it to tie the stems, and to keep the flowers in place. Also, if you want to keep the arrangements after your wedding, you can check online for tutorials, on how to create ribbon bouquets and arrangements, because they are a great alternative.

Choose big blooms

If you want to have flower centrepieces, but you do not afford to spend too much on flowers, then you can opt for the types that have big blooms. For example, you can place on the top of every one of the centrepieces a hydrangea. To add more volume to the flower you can tie a big ribbon bow to its end, or you can braid ribbons in different colours, and mix it with the flowers.

Opt for less types of flowers

The best way to save money on flowers is to limit the choice at two or three types. In this way, you can buy in bulks, and you can mix and match them by your own, to give them various forms. Opt for flowers in the same colour scheme to obtain a modern look, because if you opt for two different types of flowers in multiple colours, the arrangements will look overwhelming.