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Cheap Microwave Meals that Can Be Prepared with Minimum Effort

Preparing a microwave meal is an easy job that can even be done by a child big enough to know how to read and to press a button. Although microwaved food should not be eaten frequently, there are times when you want to have a quick and tasty snack that will not require much hassle, and a microwave meal is the best idea you can come up with. So, if you are one of the few people on this planet who still don’t own a microwave, you should get one as soon as possible as they are very useful. If you need help choosing one, go to bestmicrowave.reviews, where you will find useful information that will help you decide on the right oven. Here are some options of meals prepared in the microwave that will stop your hunger and are very easy to make.
Cheap Microwave Meals that Can Be Prepared with Minimum Effort

Opt for an efficient microwave oven

To be able to prepare a microwave meal, you will first need a good microwave oven that will deliver intense heat to cook the food deeply and evenly. And since some microwave recipes imply frozen meals, you will need a unit that will also defrost the foods entirely in short amounts of time. The LG LCS1413SB microwave oven has what it takes to be a great oven that can perform any cooking task. It has a sensor feature that measures the humidity in the food to know exactly how much to cook them, it has an auto defrost feature, multiple cooking power levels, melt and soften buttons and options to cook potatoes, pizza, popcorn, rice or frozen entries. Once you have the best microwave in your kitchen, you can start preparing easy and delicious meals for any time of the day.

Oatmeal for breakfast

This is a delicious recipe that you can make for breakfast to replace the regular oatmeal cereals. You will need 1 cup of quick-cooking rolled oats, some milk, ½ cup of canned pumpkin puree, cinnamon, sugar and some pumpkin pie spice. Mix the milk and the oatmeal according to your favorite consistency in a microwave-safe bowl and cook for 2 minutes, then add the pumpkin puree, the sugar, the cinnamon and the spice and heat for 20 more seconds before serving it.

Pasta for lunch

Macaroni and cheese are everyone’s favorite and you can easily make it in the microwave. You can find in stores individually packed portions that simply require water, then you heat them in the microwave oven according to the instructions on the package and you can enjoy a delicious meal that required minimum effort. Noodles can also be cooked in the microwave by adding some water until they soften, then mix them with pasta sauce.
Pasta for lunc

Potatoes for dinner

Baked potatoes taste great and are easy to prepare in the microwave. Poke some holes in the potatoes, then wrap them in paper towels and cook in the oven until they get soft enough so you can push the fork to the center. Dress the potatoes with butter, sour cream or even add some bacon on them and you will have a delicious meal for dinner.