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Cheap Places to Visit in Europe

Europe has so many places to show you, and a trip to this old continent does not have to be expensive. If you want to enjoy a vacation without having to ruin your budget or spend all your savings, here are some cheap places you could visit in Europe. Make sure you catch a great transportation offer and the success of your vacation will be guaranteed.

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Albania is a cheaper alternative to other Mediterranean countries such as Greece or Italy and there are a lot of places to see here, from historical sites to beautiful beaches that will cost you very little. A night spent at a hotel in Tirana varies from 7 to 19 euros, while a complete meal at a nice restaurant is about 8 euros.


Since Bulgaria entered the European Union in 2007, the taxes the tourist had to pay for accommodation and museum visits were canceled, therefore, the food, beverage and transportation are cheaper compared with the other countries in Western Europe. One night at a hotel in Bulgaria varies from 5 euros in a camping area to 11.5 euros for a bed in a hostel or up to 30 euros for a double room in a hotel. Since a simple meal varies between 4 to 8 euros at a cafe or a restaurant, you can consider Bulgaria as your next destination.

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Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is an exciting and cosmopolitan city that you will not be sorry for visiting. Among the places you can admire are the Parliament, the Royal Palace, the Matthias Church, Heroes’ Square and the Chain Bridge.As for money, you can cool off with a few for 1 euro and you can enjoy a decent meal in a cheap restaurant for about 5 euros.


The city of Dubrovnik is located in the southern part of Croatia and is one of the most famous destinations of this country. Although it had suffered from the civil war in the 90s, the city was rebuilt and has regained its brilliance. You can explore the old town area, which includes testimonies of the confrontations of the Middle Ages. Moreover, the old center entered the UNESCO World Heritage. In Dubrovnik you can visit Gruz Harbour, the Duke’s Palace, Stradun and if you plan on doing on one-day trips, choose the Elafiti islands, the Mljet National Park or the resort of Cavtat.

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Counting on 750 years of history, the former capital of Poland is waiting for you to make a trip into the past. Being an important cultural center in the Middle Ages, Krakow preserves traces of its blooming time, so you can see everywhere Gothic churches, palaces, and museums. The city streets are full of hotels where prices are affordable and with such cheap accommodation, nothing prevents you from discovering the charm of Krakow.