Health Tips

Cheaper and Healthier Alternatives to Western Medicine

Although medicinal drugs can be lifesaving, some of them can have serious side effects that may be dangerous for your health. Sometimes the western medicine alternatives are not the most efficient way to make yourself feel better. The synthetic drugs usually adjust a condition by disturbing another balance in the organism that hasn’t been touched before, not to mention the fact that the risk of the side effects increases with the number of the drugs you use.

Cheaper and Healthier Alternatives to Western Medicine

The complementary medicine has been used since the beginning of time. Some of the elements that it includes are herbal remedies, acupuncture, hypnosis, yoga, massage therapy and naturopathic medicine. Natural remedies can only improve a condition of yours without damaging another. Trying to keep yourself occupied with a healthy lifestyle will adjust many processes in your body that you don’t even know about. These are the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle and this is the recipe for a happy life.

  • Get in a routine
  • Set goals
  • Exercise
  • Eat healthy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take on responsibilities
  • Challenge negative thoughts
  • Check with your doctor periodically
  • Do something new
  • Have fun

Erectile problems

Men are prone in general for preoccupying for erectile problems even if they don’t really have serious reasons to do that. They shouldn’t try some synthetic drugs that claim to raise their sexual performances but focus on trying some natural remedies first. For example, VigRX would be a good preliminary alternative before trying Viagra. According to the website, there are many people who said that VigRX worked wonderfully for them and it’s a lot cheaper than Viagra. Taking any natural or synthetic pills without respecting the recipe for a healthy lifestyle will not help you too much with any physical or mental problem you may think you have.


Many people go to dermatologists if they have dandruff and ask for a synthetic mix that would give them back their healthy scalp that they used to have. It would be wise to first try to get rid of dandruff by rebalancing their scalp acidic pH level by natural means. Washing and conditioning the hair is the first step, then washing it with a cup of apple cider vinegar poured directly on your scalp should be enough.

Sleeping disorders

If you are experiencing some sleeping problems lately and leading a healthy lifestyle hasn’t naturally corrected them yet, the same advice – trying at first the natural remedies- applies for this matter too. There are many people who had pleasing experiences after using products such as valerian or the Alteril sleep aid tablets. Maybe you should consider trying them too before trying Xanax or Valium which are more expensive and also come with several side effects. You will see that this remedy is a lot cheaper than sleeping pills and the most important aspect is the fact that it doesn’t come with any side effects.


Instead of spraying some special spray bought from a drugstore you should use some Lavender essential oil applied directly to the burned area. The oil speeds the healing process and prevents scarring. The best way to make the burn stop is to apply this mix on your skin: three parts carrier oil such as almond or olive oil, and one part lavender oil. It’s successfully used for a first-degree burn.