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Clean the Exterior of Your House Without Breaking Your Bank (or Back)

Although the outside of your house and some exterior handiwork paints are technically self-cleaning, building next to hectic highways can pick dirt really quickly.

If you’re a savvy homeowner preparing to make good money on your house sale, you know that improving the exteriors will get you one step closer to your goal.

You’re likely ahead of the game when it comes to making necessary repairs and planting fresh flowers, but do you know the one thing that’s often overlooked? Actually tidying up the exterior of your home.

Clean the Exterior of Your House Without Breaking Your Bank

Weather and time are collaborating to wreak havoc on your siding, roof, windows, and porches. And you might not notice, but your buyers will definitely will.

Fortunately, thorough cleaning to remove debris and built-up grime can get your house looking brand new again.

Prepare the Outside of your House

Cleaning the outside of your building seems like an enormous task, however it can be actually fairly simple if you use the right fasaderens and techniques. Where to start? When necessary, you can wait to tide up the outside of your house on a dry, sunny day.

 A rainy or windy day might cause overspray, which means the chemicals you’re using at cleaning will come back on you as you clean. In case it is not possible to clean on a dry and sunny day, at least arrange for that day to come and clean the exterior of your home.

Protect the area on and around the building

Cleaning your home’s exteriors is no easy job, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible one. You can start by making sure all doors and windows are locked.

Use plastic sheeting or duct tape to cover the outside light fixtures, electrical outlets, and vents. In case you have lawn furniture, try to move it away from the building. Also, don’t forget to cover your shrubbery and plants using a plastic sheet.

To pressure wash or not to pressure wash

Fasaderengjøring using a pressure washer to make it look brand new again may seem like a no-brainer, however the reality isn’t so dried and cut.

Regardless of the material your home is made of, if the pressure on that high-powered stream of water is set too high, it will definitely do major damage. It can damage wood, gash stucco, crumble brick and even dent aluminium siding. However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck cleaning your whole building with a rag and a bucket. If done correctly – following the proper safety measure- pressure washing remains a viable option for cleaning the outside of your home.

Raise the Curb Appeal with a Good Cleaning

Many homeowners don’t look at the aspect of their roofs until it’s leaking, but when it’s time to sell, it requires to be spruced up just the rest of your house.

While pressure washers may work to help with Grafittifjerning, porches, and decks, your roof is one place where they don’t belong. Experts advise us to never pressure wash a roof as even a low-pressure setting may be detrimental for the shingles.

With so much to deal with before you get it ready to sell, it’s enticing to leave cleaning the exteriors of your home off of your to-do list. However, if you take the time and energy to give it a thorough scrubbing, the boost in curb appeal may be the exact thing you need to get your best offer.