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Clever Ways to Avoid Tickets and Fines

Every driver has received a speeding ticket at some point and wished they would have known about the existence of a radar on their route in order to slow down and avoid a hefty fine and even not to have their driving license taken. Fortunately, now you can avoid tickets and fines with the help of some ingenious devices and tips.

The radar detector

The best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to purchase a radar detector. Investing in a radar detector brings you more comfort in driving, as well as a higher level of safety. Modern devices combine top technology with usage simplicity and an ergonomic design to offer you satisfying protection against many types of radar devices used by police officers.
The radar detector is an electronic device that can be attached to the windshield or the dashboard and it’s used by drivers to determine if their speed is monitored by a radar. Police officers use radars that emit a radio wave to a moving vehicle. When this wave meets a car, there is a change in the frequency of the radio wave, known as the Doppler effect. The detector senses the radio and sends visual and acoustic signals to warn the driver to slow down. The radar detector should not be confused with the anti-radar, which emits a signal that jams the radars and whose use is prohibited by law.
Clever Ways to Avoid Tickets and Fines


If you own an iPhone you can also purchase a radar device that can be connected to an iPhone terminal. This accessory communicates with the terminal via an iPhone application available in AppStore and benefits from the latest technology in the radar detection field. iRadar is able to detect any radar device and it is specially designed to have a verification angle of 360 degrees, meaning you will know about the existence of a radar whether it’s in front of you, behind you or in your side. The app for iPhone comes with the device’s database that contains information about most radars and fixed cameras as they were discovered on the map.
Clever Ways to Avoid Tickets and Fines 2

Social network groups

As most people own an account on a social network, several traffic groups have appeared that offer real-time information about the presence and location of radars in a specific city. Members join the groups and receive information on their phones from other members that travel around the city and see radars in their way. This way other members find out the location of radars and avoid receiving speeding tickets.