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Creative ways of using rubber stamps

Self ink stamps are usually linked to businesses and companies, being an essential tool, but sometimes, an item of this kind can be used in more creative ways. If you look online for more inspiration, you will come across many project ideas that can be beautified with a simple stamp. Moreover, when searching for a self inking stamp in Singapore, with just a click of a button, you will find a supplier willing to offer you customized purchase options. Here are a few creative ways of using rubber stamps:

Creative ways of using rubber stamps

Creating handmade sewing labels

If you love to sew, and want to give a personal touch to your creations, a stamp with your initials and logo on the back of the clothes will be a great idea. With a rubber stamp at your disposal and some fabric paint, you can make your designs authentic in less than a few seconds. You will be giving your sewing project the finishing touches they need, and if you ever plan on selling your designs, a rubber stamp will be the perfect way of creating your brand in a cost effective and simple manner.

Table setting decoration

Even if you might not have thought about this option, a customized rubber stamp design can be used to particularize various household items. One idea would be to stamp a pattern on a piece of fabric and create a unique table cloth, which will give your dining area a special table setting decoration. Any piece of fabric will work just fine, if you use the right rubber stamp and paint. Just create the pattern of your choice. This is probably the easiest DIY project. You can even find on the internet many examples for this type of stamp project, just do a quick search.

Use the stamp as a reminder

Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill, just because the piece of paper has gotten lost between various other documents you might store in the same drawer? Or perhaps you have forgotten about an important party invitation until the last minute? Well, you can use a rubber stamp from now on to mark any piece of paper that contains important information, which needs your immediate attention. Whenever you receive a bill, a letter, an invitation you think you might forget about, just stamp it. Using this item as a reminder can save you from various inconveniences, so just think about this idea, and you will reach the same conclusion.

As you can see, rubber stamps do not need to be used in companies and enterprises solely, because there are numerous innovative uses you might not have thought of. Now that you know a few great ways of using these types of items for various projects, what is left to do is order your own customizes self inks stamps online. You can easily find a supplier that can provide you with the purchase opportunities you desire, all you have to do is search on the internet for options.