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Deal makers or breakers – Doing business in France


A successful business owner is the one that can adapt to various business and economic environments. Moreover, some unwritten rules apply in certain countries when it comes to doing business. Of course, you also have to be familiar with rules and regulations and when it comes to French VAT Rates, chances of finding online forms and information are quite high. However, we are going to provide you with some aspects you should know about the French business environment in order to build a successful enterprise. Below are some dealmakers and breakers. Have those in mind and you should be all right in this context.

Deal makers or breakers – Doing business in France

Professionalism and formality is the key

Draw that line between personal and professional very clear from the very beginning. A good attitude, without showing impatience or anxiousness is always a plus. Note the fact that French businesspersons tend to shake hands less firmly and for shorter than American business persons do. Use professional nouns when addressing to them and show them respect. Additionally, pay attention to business cards when exchanging them. Hand yours first and then wait for the French to do the same. Analyze it first, and only after that put it in your pocket.

Always use their language

Doing business in Europe is generally quite easy from a linguistic point of view. You can use the English language almost everywhere. However, the French are quite attached to their national language and are generally proud regarding their nationality. When doing business with French, try to flatter them by using their own language. This means you made an effort to learn it and you respect who they are and the country you are living in. If you don’t succeed in learning their language from the very start, try to use some well-known expressions. They will appreciate it.

Follow the French business model

This means you must follow a strict protocol, build a high hierarchy, and draw certain lines between you and your employees. A firm yet polite attitude towards them and your associates will certainly put you into a powerful position. In France, this is what is always appreciated. Stick to a professional relationship in terms of business and avoid vocalizing your personal issues in front of anybody you’re doing business with.  Additionally, when doing business, try to ask questing and directly address problems, issues and ideas. A well-organized attitude in a meeting al always an aspect French people appreciate, a logical flow of the matter must be followed. Moreover, debates and different perspectives must be present in your approach. This will indicate an open mind and serious business skills.

Educational background – a value amongst successful managers around France

You don’t need to only have the skill, but you must pair it with a serious general knowledge background. Show the fact that you are a highly educated individual. French don not appreciate ignorant persons and you must do a little effort in order to rise to their standards.

Here are some general rules you must follow as a foreign business owner in France. Always follow them and make sure you are up to date with internal laws and regulations.