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DIY Home Accessories Your Family Will Love

So you have taken a look around your interior, and have concluded that it’s time to change a few things in your décor. To improve the aesthetics of the place, one option at close reach, that doesn’t involve large expenses would be adding some chic accessories. While the ones you find on the market might not have that uniqueness you are seeking, you have the possibility of creating some decorative elements yourself. Here are a few great DIY projects that will give you the chance to design original accessories that your family will love and that will most certainly upgrade the aesthetics of your home:

DIY Home Accessories Your Family Will Love

Photo collage

You can gather the best photos of your family and create a beautiful display of candid moment on your living room wall. You don’t need a large frame for that, because you can glue the pictures directly onto the wall. However, to make this type of decoration, you should create at least the illusion of a frame and you can do that using think straps of grosgrain ribbon, glued at the edges of each photo. Use a marker to write something meaningful above the photos, and you will have an original, cute collage display.

Chairs with personality

Make your dining room have that chic, color vibes it might currently lack by accessorizing the tables with some decorative touches. Use some ribbon gift bows, tied around the chairs’ backrests and armrests, and they will instantly become more festive-looking ad vibrant.

Key rack

Design a unique key wrack that you can place near the front door by using some old wine corks. Use spray paint to color the crocks in your preferred tones, tie them onto a piece of wood. You can use glue or screws to secure the crocks onto the wood board.

Ribbon Chandelier

Beautify an old lighting fixtures by tying long strands of ribbon onto it. Use a larger color pallet for a more vibrant effect. Make sure the straps are long enough to have that dropping effect. A ribbon chandelier will give the room a touch of sparkle.

When you feel like your home décor needs a few improvements, you don’t have t invest a lot of money in expensive decorations, remodel the place or buy new furniture, a few DIY projects being all it takes to give any area fresh vibes. These are only a few of the multitude of ideas you can go for, and as long as you have at your disposal some useful supplies and your DIY skills are in-check, each project will turn out a success.