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Eco Friendly Humidifiers that Consume Little to no Energy

Dry air inside the house is a problem everyone faces and an air humidifier has become a necessary device especially during the cold season, but before purchasing such a product, you should take into account several factors such as the initial cost of the product, the maintenance costs, its efficiency and, not least, its consumption. In your pursuit for a humidifier, look for Eco-friendly devices that consume little energy, such as the examples below. A lot of people are under the impression that eco-friendly living is a luxury that few people can afford. However, the truth is that sustainable living solutions can benefit both the environment and your budget.

Eco Friendly Humidifiers that Consume Little to no Energy

Venta Airwasher

Venta Airwasher meets all the qualities of a good choice in terms of eco-friendly and low consuming humidifiers and it is a worthwhile investment both in terms of cost and performance. The lack of filters, as water is the only filter inside it, and the auto shut-off feature make this humidifier very easy to maintain and use. Since it is a cold evaporation humidifier, it consumes less energy, less than 10 watts, as it doesn’t need to boil the water inside its tank. This humidifier is also an air purifier that attracts dry air filled with particles and dust and cleans it with the help of disks that rotate in water, leaving only pure air in the room. If you visit www.safehumidifier.com, you will be able to read reviews of the best humidifiers on the market, so that you can convince yourself that the Venta Airwasher is indeed one of the best choices.


Beaba humidifier

An absolute innovation in the field of air treatment is represented by the new model of digital humidifier from ErFi. This device can generate hot steam that may be useful in the treatment of individuals with asthma or allergic bronchitis or it can generate a cool mist that works as a decongestant for stuff nose or to make breathing easier for babies in overheated rooms during winter. The device has a built-in digital hygrometer and automatically stops when the level of indoor air humidity is optimal which means it does not consume much electrical energy by running unnecessarily. Thanks to the latest technologies it incorporates, this device is extremely cost effective and by minimizing dust and bacteria from the air it protects the environment.



When it comes to sustainable living ideas, the best eco friendly living solutions come from Mother Nature herself. The most Eco-friendly way to humidify the air in your house while also cleaning it from impurities is to use plants. House plants purify the air and keep it moist, through a process of transpiration of the leaves. One of the best houseplants for air humidification is Boston fern, but as effective are the ficus, cactus or the ivy. While moisturizing the indoor air, plants improve the quality of the air with their property of removing carbon dioxide from the air and returning oxygen.