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Essential elements for a chic decor with a touch of shabby

Among the latest trends revolving around interior designs, shabby chic looks remain one of the most preferred options. Bringing fresh, clean, and elegant vibes into play, this aesthetic is certainly one you cannot go wrong with. If after looking over a few photographs that summarize this decor style, you have decided that it’s the perfect choice for your home, it’s time to start making a few changes around the house. These are the elements that can be considered as essential when trying to create a chic decor with a touch of shabby, so focus your attention towards them first:

Essential elements for a chic decor with a touch of shabby

Vintage furniture

You couldn’t call an interior design shabby chic if it doesn’t have at least a couple of vintage furniture items. Pieces that are designed out of well worn woods and iron are the perfect choices in this department. Starting from an old wooden wardrobe and up to an antique drawer cabinet, you have an impressive variety of options to choose from, when it comes to elements of this kind. Vintage furniture items need to be incorporated first, and you can continue building the rest of the decor around them. Luckily, you can find beautiful antique pieces nowadays, even by searching on the internet, so you don’t have to go to fairs or backyard sales to come across great finds.

Patterned and textured fabrics

From a table cloth designed out of lace to a curtain with a floral pattern, add to your interior design, wherever possible, the right fabrics. Because shabby chicness revolves somehow around femininity and vintage style, it’s important for your interior to have incorporated as many fabric elements as possible. Lace, airy, light chiffon, knits are the type of fabrics you should go for. Even by placing a cover with a pastel floral print on your living room sofa, you will be giving it that charming, vintage feel, so look for inspiration and use these types of elements for proper decor upgrades.

Antique decorations from different eras

As soon as you spot a great decor element of eclectic aesthetics, you should include it in your interior, regardless of time period. The versatility of this type of interior design style is what makes it so appealing in the first place – you have the possibility of mixing different eras in your home through your antique decoration purchases, and the combinations will work perfectly. To maintain however, a harmonious visual effect, you should stick to the same colour palette, starting from wall paint and up to small decorative touches.

If you want to make a change in your interior design, and you wish to give your overall deco that shabby chic vibes, these are the elements that should not miss from your setting. From an aesthetical point of view, these will bring a touch of authenticity and curb appeal to your home, allowing you to create the pleasant environment you have always wanted. Use these tips to your advantage, and with minimal effort, you will be recreating the ideal shabby chic decor you are aiming for.