Family cars 101 – Unusual modern alternatives


The struggle is real for those large families when it comes to choosing a perfect family car. Their attention is generally drawn towards minivans, and this is somehow understandable if we take into account the children and pets you have to squeeze in when going on vacation. However, a few unusual suspects emerged on the market as great family cars – although nobody was considering them. According to Edmunds, the Ford F-150 makes the perfect family car because of a number of reasons. The Michigan produced vehicle also seems to be one of the go-to alternatives of large families as well, but let’s find out why this is happening.

Family cars 101 – Unusual modern alternatives

Increased levels of safety

When driving with a couple of children in the back, you want to make sure they stay safe during the entire ride. What can this car bring for you in terms of safety? The new aluminum body, a new preformat crew cab, adaptive control on cruise mode, forward collision warning options, makes this car a highly secure one for all family members. Also, this stunning piece of engineering passed the rigorous tests the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has. Considering the large dimensions offering more stability on the road, yes, this is one of the perfect, yet unexpected alternatives when it comes to family cars.

Great levels of fuel efficiency

With gas prices fluctuating so much and adding up, fuel economy is one of the things large families are always considering. Luckily, this car is an efficient one in terms of fuel consumption, offering families the opportunity of cutting off some expenses. For example, with highway fuel economy capabilities of 10.6 liters / 100kms and city fuel economy capabilities of about 15 liters / 100kms, it really does a great job for a car of these dimensions.

Comfort and convenience

This varies from individual to individual, and it depends on the amount of time spent in the vehicle, but if you have a large family, vacations are a must. There must be enough space for children to sit and play a little as well, because boredom appears, without any doubts, and the grown-ups must enjoy a smooth and careless drive. Fortunately, this car meets all necessities in terms of comfort and convenience. A great digital display, air conditioning incorporated in the seats, an impressive ambient lighting, they all contribute to these two coordinates when it comes to this car. Also, all the finishes have a nice touch, an impressive evolution of a pickup truck.

So, let’s recap…

What makes this car a great car for large families?

  • Highly comfortable interior
  • Great fuel efficiency levels, considering the large dimensions
  • A lot of space for all your family members

If you are on search of a new family car, this is our recommendation. All these details make the Ford F-150 a stunning, spacious car, secure for all members, from infants, to elders and even pets. However, make sure you document well before deciding over a vehicle or another.