General Tips

FFC Systems ensures customer satisfaction through order fulfillment services

FFC Systems is a company that offers extensive order fulfillment services for companies and individuals in need of professionalism and efficiency. The services at FFC Systems are truly responsive and customizable, which makes them one of the first options of customers, especially businesses. Businesses have to handle packages and mail every single day, and the right company can make this task extremely easy. Ensuring clients that their packages will arrive on time, undamaged and respecting the instructions given represents the key for success in order fulfillment services. FFC Systems is here to offer clients just that.

By choosing to send packages with FFC Systems, clients select the safest method. FFC Systems works with air bags to keep the products inside the packages safe at all times, also specifying to carriers which packages are fragile or hazardous. During transportation, many packages suffer damage because they are not properly packed, but that is not the situation with FFC Systems. The extra cushioning will help customers rest assured that their packages will arrive with no suffered damage. Also, FFC Systems ( has partnerships with trustful carriers that handle loads with care.


Another function used at FFC Systems that will help both customers and the employees of the company to handle packages is represented by barcode labelling. Companies that do not rely on barcode labelling tend to get lost in the plethora of information they have to work with. That is not the case with FFC Systems. The barcode labelling process allows the team at FFC Systems to monitor all packages easily and effectively. Barcodes help with tracking the packages, storing the special delivery instructions or other advanced protocol information, and the expiration date if it is available. Thus, the packages are handled professionally and delivery requirements are respected.


FFC Systems works with tunnel processing, which is one of the best methods for wrapping packages. Items that have an odd shape are more difficult to manage, as their package requires attention and special materials in some cases. This is why FFC Systems selected the most appropriate method to package such items – heat tunnel processing. The package will be wrapped perfectly using this type of processing, faster than ever. It is also a cost-effective method to wrap loads. FFC Systems uses plenty of technological advancements to make the delivery process as efficient as possible.


Last but not least, it is highly important to mention the FBA program. FFC Systems has thorough quality control processes to keep the packages safe and ready for delivery. For a better customer experience, FFC Systems also uses item registration. Using ASIN numbers, UPCs, serial numbers and other sorts of codes that make the delivery process more exact is a good practice for order fulfillment services. Considering the many benefits that come with using the services at FFC Systems, businesses can easily solve some of the issues they encounter with shipping packages. Promptness and professionalism are two of the characteristics of FFC Systems that should not be missed, not to mentioned the affordable prices and the friendly team.