General Tips

First intensive driving course – what to expect

When the time comes, all teenagers want to obtain the driving license and go on the road driving their own cars. However, since they are living in the era of speed, they want everything to happen as fast as possible, including taking the driving test and getting that license. For this reason, some driving schools have made their way through the market providing intensive driving courses. If you have enrolled in one of these driving schools and have your very first lesson in a few days, yet don’t know exactly what to expect, here are some useful tips.

First intensive driving course

It can last several hours

One of the things to expect on your first intensive driving course is for it to last up to six hours. Yes, you read well. The great difference between regular and intensive driving lessons is that the latter ones happen at higher speed and higher intensity, which means that you are able to obtain your driving license in a matter of days only, compared to months in the former situation. Thus, you can have even six hours of driving on your first day.

The instructor should become your friend

On your first lesson, or in some cases even before the first lesson, you will have to discuss with the instructor you are assigned with in order to establish together the number of hours of driving you need until you are able to take the test and get that license you have been long dreaming of. The greatest advantage here is that the instructor focuses specifically on one student only (or two, in case each student has chosen no more than four hours of driving per day). The instructor can easier keep an eye on your progress this way and tell you the aspects that need improvement and the ones that are well done. The relationship that develops between instructor and student in intensive driving courses is stronger and this is a great advantage especially for the student, because it gives them confidence in their own powers and capabilities.

Bring some cash with you

Each driving school has its own payment method. Some schools require entire payment before the first course starts, some right on the first course, some when the “training” period ends and some allow students to pay the sum in instalments. If you haven’t discussed about this aspect yet with your instructor, it is best you bring some cash with you on your first driving lesson just to be sure.

Some tips to choose the best driving school

In case you haven’t selected a driving school that provides intensive lessons, you should start with detailed research on the Internet. To make things easier, create a list of the driving schools in your region and write down some of the aspects that make each of them to stand out from the crowd. Ask for recommendations too, as this way you can create a clearer image on which school to go for. Don’t forget to ask driving instructors or any other representatives from those driving schools any questions you may have related to their lessons and programs available.