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Hire the perfect nanny while saving money on it

We all know that hiring a third party to care for your child can put your budget under some pressure. Of course you want what’s best for them and you’d rather cut from our grocery budget instead on hiring an poorly prepared babysitter. You can find around the web many alternatives when it comes to nanny agencies, like http://rockmybabynannyagency.co.uk/ , but do you know how to save money by doing so? If not, we are here to provide you with some tips and tricks on the matter we’ll enable you to save serious money even with a professional nanny.

Hire the perfect nanny while saving money on it

1. Split the nanny with some friends

Yes, you can surely do so. Find some friends of yours who are also in a search for the perfect nanny. Have them bring their child by while the nanny is at your house and split the costs. This way you can benefit from professional child care services, without spending a fortune.

2. Let her bring her child at work

Many professional nannies cannot afford to take their own children at a daycare. Therefore, their fees are going to be higher. Make her a proposal to bring her child at your house while she is carrying for yours and maybe you can get lower fees. Moreover, her child will enjoy a day with their mother and your child will have a new friend!

3. Paid sick days and vacations

Yes, you can save serious money if you provide her with such benefits. On long-term perspectives, it is a good investment. Enable your nanny to properly care for your child by giving her paid days off and you will be sure they are in the necessary form to rise up to your standards and expectations. Moreover, if they are sick, how do you expect to care for your little treasure as they should?!

4. Respect your nanny

After all, she is the woman who is caring for your children while you cannot. Be sure you pay her at least the minimum wage; let her have her breaks, as she should, make sure you sign a contract and you both respect its terms and conditions. Make sure you give her a few days off monthly, without affecting her wage.

Here are some smart ways to be sure you don’t spend a fortune on your nanny, although they might be professionals.