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How to Make Cheap Halloween Costumes at Home

Most people are excited about the Halloween party so they can display their sophisticated and expensive costumes that will attract all the eyes. But with passion and some skills, you will be able to pull out great Halloween costumes that are less expensive but as impressive as the ones bought in stores. If you lack inspiration, you can check out some costume ideas on Here is what it takes to make cheap Halloween costumes at home.
How to Make Cheap Halloween Costumes at Home

Scarecrow costume

A Scarecrow costume is a great and easy to make Halloween costume and all you need is some clothing items that you already have in your wardrobe. A worn pair of overalls, a plaid shirt, a pair of rubber boots and a straw hat and you are ready to scare the crows away. Add a handful of straws that you tuck into your shirt as if you were made of straws and complete the costume with a scary puppet makeup.

Ghost costume

One of the easiest and cheapest Halloween costumes you can make at home is the ghost costume and all you need is a white sheet. Make two holes where your eyes are and rip the sheet as if you just fought your way out of the afterworld to make you look more frightening.

Dracula costume

A black suit and a black cape will make you look like a genuine vampire without spending a fortune on a costume in a Halloween store. The classic count Dracula look can be easily achieved with a black jacket and a pair of black pants while some sewing skills will help you create a black cape to cover your shoulders. All you have to do is buy a pair of frightening vampire fangs and the Dracula costume is done.

Skeleton costume

For a homemade skeleton costume, you will need a black jumpsuit or a pair of black pants and a black turtleneck. Test your drawing skills and paint some bones on the front of your costume using white paint and add a skeleton mask to complete the look.

Addams family costumes

Although it is a classic, the Addams family couple will always be a great choice for a Halloween party and you can easily make these costumes at home. For the Morticia look, you will need a long black dress, a black wig, and a Gothic makeup. As for Gomez Addams, a gray striped suit, a mustache and a bottle of hair gel to arrange your hair will make you look like the charismatic Hispanic character.