How to Plan a Wedding on a Tight Budget

Besides being an unforgettable day in your life, the wedding can also be a headache if you consider all the stress and hard work it requires. The dress, the restaurant, the invitations, the music, the cake, all these can mean a real bomb for your wallet. If you want to enjoy your wedding without having to worry about the costs, learn how to plan a wedding on a tight budget and still get the same satisfaction.

Set your wedding budget for the beginning

By setting your budget, you will manage to resist future temptation that appear on the way, such as a more expensive dress or an unplanned cake bar. Be realistic when you decide how much you and your fiance want to spend and don’t rely on possible financial help from your parents or godfather. This does not mean you have to completely refuse any help or say no to any new idea you might come up with, but it is best to first count on the money you have and only then decide what to do with extra money.
How to Plan a Wedding on a Tight Budget

Negotiate all you can

When you try to negotiate at the restaurant or at the flower shop, make sure you discuss with persons who have the power to decide prices and offers, such as the owner or the administrator, as simple employees can only give you false illusions and confuse you with wrong information. Some companies can offer big discounts or even become sponsors with the condition that you will include their names and logos on your invitations or banners.

Careful with the cake

Cakes covered in marzipan look stunning but are also very heavy and cost a lot, therefore, you can replace the marzipan with cream or white chocolate that will look as beautiful and will weight less. You can choose to decorate the cake with natural flowers from the bouquets you will receive from your guests and you will have an excellent result.
How to Plan a Wedding on a Tight Budget 1

Save money on the flowers

Opt for small flower arrangements, as these count the less at your wedding. The more complicated the arrangements, the bigger the bill, therefore, replace expensive bouquets on the restaurant tables with transparent vases and artificial flowers that any restaurant puts at your service. This way you will beautify the aspect of the room while saving money for more important things.

Rent your dream bride dress

The wedding dress is a very important part of your wedding and can also consume a big amount of your budget. You can choose to buy a less expensive model or hunt for promotions and discounts during sales that happen in every bridal shop. A great alternative to save some money is to rent your dress if you are not superstitious and you don’t feel attached to your dress. Many fashion houses offer their dress for rent in exchange of a guarantee that is much smaller than the total price of the dress.