General Tips

How to save money and still eat great food

For many people, eating out is a rare feat that can only be enjoyed on anniversaries, paydays and special occasions, but the image that some restaurants have isn’t always true. On the contrary, eating out can be affordable, even in a town such as London, which has an otherwise high cost of living. The trick is knowing when and where to eat and finding smart ways to get discounts for your meals. Once you learn these lifehacks, not only will you be able to eat out more often, but also unlock a new world of culinary options and enjoy even exotic and gourmet dishes without breaking the bank.

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Use online directories to find offers

Just like shops and hotels, restaurants have regular offers and discounts, but people aren’t aware of them because they are advertised in different places. To find out what restaurant is running a special offer, you should follow sites such as Clever Geek Restaurant Directory, which posts regular updates about deals and discounts. You’ll see that many great places offer up to 50% off on a selection of meals and from time to time you can even get options such as buy a meal get the second one half off or buy two meals get one free. These offers are great if you want to eat out with your partner or throw a birthday party.

Look for coupons

Collecting coupons is another great way of saving money while eating out at restaurants. You can either find coupons the traditional way, from newspapers and magazines, or you can look for them online. Both options are equally effective, it depends on what you read most often.

Go to buffets or quick serve restaurants

One of the things that explains the high price tag that some restaurants have is that they charge you for the serving and the overall dining experience. But, this can be avoided if you go to places such as buffets, where you serve yourself, or quick serve restaurants, where you don’t have to wait for your order to arrive. These types of restaurants are great if you want to eat out at lunch every day. Some people confuse quick serve restaurants with fast food chains, avoiding them because they think that the food quality is poor. Although quick serve and fast food have speedy service in common, they are not the same thing.

Order wisely   

If you want to spend as little as possible while eating out, then you’re probably used to ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, such as pasta, pizza or a salad and stay away from the specials. However, if we analyse things, it’s not that convenient and you are saving more money if you indulge in a special from time to time. Basic dishes may be cheaper than the specials, but you can cook them yourself at home any time for much less money. With specials, even if you’re paying more, you’re enjoy a meal that you don’t normally eat and that would be quite expensive and complicated to make.