How to update your wardrobe and stay within your budget

Do you have difficulties in putting together an outfit? Would you like to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, but you do not have enough money to invest in new clothes? Well, you should consider using some tricks to update the clothes you already have, because some of them you did not even tried on, because you thought that they would not complement your figure. There are different tricks that could help you update your wardrobe, but might have not considered them until now. All you need is a little bit of creativity, and to find a company which provides screen printing Vancouver. You might have no idea, but printing services are affordable, and the professionals from there are printing clothes on a daily basis, so they would manage to create exactly the design you ask them. Here are some ideas that would help you update your wardrobe without spending too much money.

How to update your wardrobe and stay within your budget

Print your basic clothes

When analysing the clothes you have in your wardrobe, you would notice that you have many basic items. They are a gold mine when it comes to updating the closet and saving money in the same time. So, take a look at them, and search online for inspiration when it comes to printing, because there are so many models you would find hard to choose one. You can look online to see the printing trends of this season, or you can ask the printing company to show you some of their models. The simplest models would include writing some text messages, and quotes that would represent you, or you can choose to print a character or a quote from your favourite movie. There are countless ideas, so take your time and choose the one you are sure you would love every time you would wear the clothes.

Customise the clothes with ribbons and other accessories

You would like to update some of the clothes that feature different patterns, and printing them is not the best idea, because they would look overwhelming. However, this does not mean that you cannot update them to make them look like new ones. Therefore, if you have a tulle skirt, you can update it by adding some colourful ribbon bows on it. In case you do not like ribbons, and you want to customise not only a tulle skirt, but any other one, you can sew on it some coloured buttons, in different sizes. Actually, buttons are a good option when it comes to customising also jeans, blouses and even bags.

Cut the clothes

You might think that by cutting them, you would damage them, but if you have an old T-shirt, you do not like to wear because it is too loose, you can cut its sleeves and wear it as an undershirt, with a coloured bra. Also, you can cut the jeans which you do not like and make them look torn, because this is the latest trend. In case you want to transform them into a summer item, you can cut them short.