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Maintenance tips to extend the life of your exhaust manifold


If you own a boat, you probably agree that it is one of the best investments because you can enjoy a good boat ride on the sea whenever you want, without having to worry that you won’t find a vehicle to rent. However, with a boat there comes not only pleasure, but also responsibilities, because now you have to take care of it and properly maintain it. The exhaust manifold for instance is one of the most important parts of the engine system of your boat, so consider these expert tips on extending the life of your exhaust manifold.

Maintenance tips to extend the life of your exhaust manifold

Perform regular check-ups

The best way to prevent something bad from occurring is to do regular check-ups. This counts for your boat as well. If you want to ensure it works accordingly and there is nothing to worry about, make sure you check it before you head out. The oil, the impellers, the inline water filter, the transmission fluid and the exhaust manifold are the most essential parts to inspect every time before going out on the sea. According to experts, these are the easiest maintenance tasks a boat owner can do, but even so, many of them underestimate the importance of these regular check-ups, which is the main reason why bad case scenarios occur.

Do you know how to inspect the exhaust manifold?

The exhaust manifold is a crucial component of the engine because it is used to eliminate burnt exhaust gases outside the engine remained after the fuel was burnt during the exhaust stroke. Checking the manifold is not as complex as many would think. All you have to do is start the engine and then listen to the sounds emitted by the engine, pay attention to the colour of the exhaust gases (in case they have any) and know how to interpret these things.

Signs that tell your exhaust manifold isn’t working properly

There are some clear signs that tell you the exhaust manifold has stopped working properly and one of the most common ones is excessive engine noise. In case you hear the engine is making too much noise, it may mean that the exhaust manifold is either leaking or cracked. Having a boat engine that sounds similar to a race car is definitely not something to be happy about. Another clear sign is reduced engine performance. You may have a boat that sounds like a race car, but this doesn’t mean the engine performance is similar to one. On the contrary, the performance is significantly lowered, which is definitely not good.

It is recommended that whenever you have such issues with your exhaust manifold you take your boat to a professional to have it checked. If there are some parts that need replacement, ensure the provider you buy exhaust manifolds from, or any other boat parts you may need, is a professional, reliable and trust-worthy seller. You shouldn’t even consider buying second hand boat parts or going to unreliable providers considering that you have already spent a great deal of money on buying the boat in the first place.