Netball is great for losing weight. Here’s why

If you are looking for a highly motivating form of exercising, you should try team sports. They are more motivational than exercising all alone and they offer increased levels of movement, which makes them fat torchers. Netball is a sports to consider, whether you are a man, woman or child. It is appropriate for all age groups and it can be safely practiced by anybody. This social netball London establishment offers all the necessities one might need in order to play it safely. However, let’s see why is netball perfect for weight loss purposes.

Netball is great for losing weight

1. Improves core stability

Netballers need increased core stability in attack and defence. And they get it. Netball itself is very soliciting when it comes to core stability and the players will increase it without trying too much. No matter what your position in the field is, you will use your core muscles during the entire game.

2. Requires a strong upper body

Given the fact that netball players are always working their arms and upper core, this is the best sport if you want a toned, strong upper body. Once again, you don’t have to de anything special for getting that strong upper body. Simply get involved in this particular game and you will get it in no time.

3. Work your lower body

Never skip leg day. This is what everybody says, but with netball, you don’t have any chances of skipping it. You have to work your legs, whether you like it or not. And because the biggest muscles in your body are found in the legs, you will burn more calories for longer periods.

4. Increased endurance

It’s hard to resist in the field for an entire netball game. But you’ll get there. Netball is quite a soliciting sport, and it requires high levels of endurance. But given the fact that there is present a strong companionship atmosphere, you will become able to push further and become stronger.

5. Explosive speed and movements

A great workout is based on explosive movements and speed. This is why the HIIT workouts were invented. However, netball itself is a HIIT workout. You don’t have to do anything special for burning those calories. The mix of low intensity and high intensity movements is able to burn the calories more efficiently than a regular gym workout.

Here are some reasons why netball is the perfect form of exercising for somebody that wants to lose weight fast and efficient.