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Plants Vs. Air Purifiers – The Endless Battle Between Efficiency and Costs

Nowadays everybody seems preoccupied to breathe fresh clean air. There are many types of air purifiers – some of them involving natural elements such as plants while other are completely artificial.

Air purifying devices

According to the latest 2015 best reviews of air purifiers, there are five types of these devices: filters, HEPA, ionizing purifiers, ozone generators, adsorbents and UV light devices. High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA Filters) are some of the most appreciated filters. They are so powerful that their most advanced versions are used even by the nuclear powered industry.  Investing your money in such devices seems the best idea since they are able to remove both hard particle and gases from the air. Any HEPA filter meets the standard penetration of less than 0.03 percent of particles in the air. The bacteria that is found inside the air conditioning system makes the indoor air be sometimes more polluted than the outside air. A good quality efficient filter is a must in order to keep yourself away from getting airborne diseases such as flu, tuberculosis and respiratory infections. There is no question about the efficiency of a HEPA air purifier, its only down side is that it costs about $300 and not everybody is able to pay that much, even when the result means fresh air for the whole family. Nevertheless, if you read the 2015 best reviews of the latest air purifiers, you might catch a sale and score an efficient air purifier at a very good price.

Plants Vs. Air Purifiers - The Endless Battle Between Efficiency and Costs


Plants are the most affordable choice of air purifiers. Their ability to filter air pollutants makes them the best natural air purifiers that exist on Earth. In order to function they don’t need electricity. There is no doubt that plants are a lot cheaper than air purifier. The benefits are not the same though, but they must not be overlooked These are some examples of plants that are very good at purifying air:

Areca Palm: If you are looking for an air purifying plant for general air cleanliness this is the one.

Bamboo Palm: This plant not only that it removes the formaldahyde from the air but it also raises the level of humidity – we can say that it’s also a natural humidifier.

Peace Lily: This plant is able to clean many pollutants in the air, even formaldahyde , trichloroethyleneand and mold spores. This plant may be considered a natural dehumidifier, that’s why it’s often placed in bathrooms.

Gerbera Daisy: This plant absorbs the benzene from the air and gives off more oxygen over night. Having this plant in your bedroom will improve your sleep.

Spider Plant: This is a beautiful indoor decorative plant that is able to remove toxins and impurities from the air. NASA got to the conclusion that this plant is the best at removing formaldahyde from the air.