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Prepare your garden for winter

The majority of people do not pay too much attention to garden preparations for winter. They simple mow their lawn during the autumn months and then they leave the gardens to fend for themselves until spring. But, if you want to make sure that the next year your garden will look amazing, and your plants and flowers will grow beautifully, then you should take some time to prepare the garden for the cold season. When the spring will come you will not find so difficult to revive the trees and flowers, because they will be protected during the harsh winter months. Here are some guidelines that will definitely help you.

Prepare your garden for winter

Take care of your trees and shrubs

In order to improve the look of your shrubs you should prune away the wayward branches, and if some people prefer to do it during spring, specialists recommends doing it during autumn. Make sure that you check them again before the frost hits, because they may need a final trim then. When you prune away the branches you should start with the ones that prevent the trees and shrubs from going healthy, so check if there are any damaged, dead or diseased branches. During the cold seasons they may rub together and they can create wounds and deformities to healthy branches.  

Protect the plants

In case you have plants growing from bulbs, or plants that are planted in pots, then you should deposit them in a safe and warm place during winter, because they can freeze if you leave them outdoors. If you do not have enough space to store them inside your house then you should rent a storage space. If you do not know where they are located then you can type on Google “storage units near me” and you will be directed to the closest provider. The storage space can be used for storing your gardening tools during winter, because you will not use them and there is no use to clutter your house.

Check the water features and ponds

During autumn it is important to clean the water features and ponds, because they can get filled with leaves and this will damage them during winter time. During the cold season there should be nothing in the water. If you have fish then you will have to check the pond regularly, because you have to make sure that the surface of the water is not completely frozen.

Do not forget about paths and borders

You will have to make a habit during autumn to clean the paths from leaves. This is the perfect moment to remove them, because they are dry and crisp, if rains moist them, then they will discompose and you will find difficult to clean the pathways. When it comes to paving, it is advisable to clean it with soapy water, because it will prevent it getting slippery during the cold season. In case you have perennial plants close to the borders of the garden this is the moment to cut them. Also, make sure you clean the borders from weeds, leaves and any dead foliage.