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Reasons why mosquitoes bite and how to prevent that

Humid and warm summers are synonym with increased insect activity. Whether you live in a big city or at the countryside, you will definitely become the victim of mosquitoes the moment you decide to spend some time outdoors. These annoying tiny creatures are the cause for those itchy and sometimes even painful welts that everybody know, but that is not the worst news. Through their bites, they also transmit a wide range of conditions and diseases that can affect your health in a serious manner. However, it is good to know that there are many alternatives you can choose from if you want to stay away from insects. It is true that you can avoid becoming their victim if you install electric bug zappers in your garden, so check out electric-bug-zapper.com to find out which the best devices are. Another thing you could do is implement some prevention measures. Do not make yourself a target for mosquitoes, by understanding why they attack and being cautious.

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Why do you become a mosquito magnet?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes do not attack randomly. Recent studies conducted by agricultural experts claim that the insects choose their victims carefully, following concrete indices and traces. Here are some of the most common reasons that make the insects bite:

  • Body heat. Taking into consideration that they are cold blooded creatures, mosquitoes are attracted by high temperatures, including body heat. That is why they usually attack the areas that are not protected by clothing: arms, face, neck or ankles. There is where the blood is closer to the surface of the skin and they figure this out because of heat.
  • Strong odors. A common target is represented by people who emit a strong smell. So, from perfumes to sweat or urine, these are actual triggers for mosquitoes. Avoid putting on perfume if you go out for a walk in the evening!
  • Clothing. Besides high temperatures, one of the reasons why experts advise you to wear light clothes during summer is because insects are attracted by dark or bright colors. An all-black attire makes you more noticeable to mosquitoes, who will come closer because ou are drawing attention.
  • Alcohol consumption. As same as using perfume, drinking alcohol will immediately transform you into a mosquito magnet. It has been recently proven that alcohol ingestion stimulates insect attraction, particularly because of the smell.

How can you stop the bites?

Although the insects are actual intruders, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself. You should start with wearing lighter colors and avoiding to stay too long outdoors, especially if you are in a humid area and around dawn. When you have to, wear proper clothes – long sleeves and pants should help a lot. Aside from that, get yourself from the pharmacy a repellant spray or prepare your own solution against insects. For your home, install screens on doors and windows, remove water from gutters, cover the pool and get electric bug zappers. This should keep insects away!