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Refrigerator Maintenance Tips that Can Help You Save Energy

When people buy an appliance, especially a refrigerator that will operate at all times, they look for units that are Energy Star rated, which means they will require less energy in order to operate. If you are in the market for a new fridge, head over to the toprefrigerator.reviews website, where you will find reviews of numerous Energy Star refrigerators. However, the way people handle their refrigerators can also influence the energy consumption and can make the units more or less energy-efficient. Discover in this article some of the maintenance tips that can help you reduce the energy consumption of your refrigerator.
Refrigerator Maintenance Tips that Can Help You Save Energy

Fill the fridge

Refrigerators are more energy-efficient when they are full because they keep a constant temperature for twice as long as if they were half full. Also, don’t overfill the fridge to allow the air to circulate inside.

Keep the fridge away from heat

Never place the fridge near the stove, near a heater or in direct sunlight, as it will require more electricity in order to reach the desired temperature. Also, if the surrounding temperature is too high, the refrigerator will use more energy to cool the food, so keep it in a cool air and away from sources of heat.

Let foods cool before putting them in the fridge

A common mistake that many people make is they put the food in the fridge while it’s still warm, which makes the unit work harder in order to cool the food down and to maintain a constant temperature inside. Therefore, cooling the food before placing it in the refrigerator is a great tip that can help you save energy.
Refrigerator Maintenance Tips that Can Help You Save Energy 1

Cover the foods inside the fridge

Also, keep the food covered and wrapped in foil inside the fridge because it releases moisture that makes the compressor work harder to maintain the proper temperature.

Defrost the freezer regularly

Thick ice in the freezer will have the motor running more, so never leave ice thicker than 1/4” inside the freezer. Defrost it at least twice a year and check the ice thickness from time to time to make sure there’s not too much ice on the freezer.

Organize the food

The way you organize the food inside the refrigerator can also help you save energy because if you can detect each food very quick, you will reduce the time spent holding the refrigerator door open. Label the food, organize it on the shelves and put the food you use frequently in the front so you will have quick access to it.
Refrigerator Maintenance Tips that Can Help You Save Energy 3

Clean the coils of the refrigerator

The coils behind the refrigerator should be kept clean and at a distance from the walls to assure a proper ventilation. Remove the dust from the coils every once in a while and keep at least 5 cm to the wall to make sure the air is flowing properly and the compressor is not overburdened.