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Smart ideas for updating your wardrobe

There are people who always complain that they do not have anything to wear, even if the wardrobe is full of fine clothes. According to experts, the problem is related to the fact they do not know how to create different outfits. Thus, in case you are one of them, here are some smart ideas that may help you update your checkroom.

Second hand clothes – find amazing items in second hand store!

Sometimes, second hand clothes are a controversial subject. The best part when it comes to buying second hand clothes is that you can find them online. Thus, you need to make time and start searching for those things that suit you best. It is true that there are people who say that they do not want to invest in such items because they do not like the idea that someone has already worn those clothes. But this is nothing but a wrong concept. If you do a small research, you can find a lot of amazing items in what is called “depozit haine second hand”. There are also people who say that they cannot afford to buy expensive clothes, but they can find them in second-hand stores. However, the fashion experts say that sometimes it is better to buy high-quality second hand clothes than new ones which are made by questionable fabrics.

Smart ideas for updating your wardrobe

But, the most important part is that you should wash them. Never wear something from a second hand shop without washing it first because usually, these items may come with some bad smells which are caused by disinfectants. Not to mention that they can affect your skin if you have a sensitive one.

Invest in statement items

In order to be able to create amazing outfits, you need some basic pieces that you can be easily matched with rest of your clothes. For example, in any fashion list a little black dress and a pair of blue jeans are included. Why is that so? Well, you can combine these items with a long list of other elements. In case you want to do that like a pro, you have to change the jackets. Wear a blue jeans jacket with the dress on Monday, then, on Tuesday replace the jacket with a white jumper and add a necklace and so on. Always use your creativity and imagination.

Follow the trends – but do not copy anyone

The celebrities and designers are the ones who usually launch the trends in the fashion industry. If you like someone’s style, you should not copy it. Just try to borrow those items that are perfect for your body. For example, you should not wear extra-large shirts if you are a small person, even if they are one of the hottest trends this spring.

Pay attention to fashion bloggers

Believe it or not, fashion bloggers also wear clothes from second hand shops. However, the main difference between them and celebrities is that these people usually wear regular clothes, whereas, celebrities have the tendency to go for more extravagant outfits.