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Smart ways to stop condensation inside your house


If there is an issue that can lead to structural damage to a house that is condensation. Condensation is one of the most common problems that causes damp patches to grow on the walls and wallpaper to peel away. The first sign that you have condensation inside your house are the streaming windows. It facilitates mould growth, and this fungus is very harmful to your health. Condensation appears on the properties that are not adequately ventilated and this is why you should do your best to reduce the humidity levels inside your house.

Smart ways to stop condensation inside your house

Buy a dehumidifier

Yes, this is the smartest way you can combat condensation inside your house. You have to invest in a powerful tool, because it will help you achieve a healthier space. You might ask yourself if do dehumidifiers really work, well for it to work you have to know the space you are living to see what type of dehumidifier you should purchase. These devices are categorised according to their pint characteristics, but if you have no idea what they should be you should buy one with a higher pint capacity. Before deciding upon one you should compare few brands. In case you want to use the device the entire year round then you should opt for one that has a defroster option.

Improve ventilation

You can improve the ventilation inside your house without spending a lot of money. You only have to open windows and leave them partly open when you are not home. This measure might mean that some heat is lost, but this is the most effective way to fight the damp issues. When it comes to bathroom and kitchen you should install a fan, because these two rooms are responsible for the most of the condensation in your house.

Check your insulation and heating

You might think that it is expensive to restore the insulation and to repair the heating system. But if you think at the long term benefits you will understand that this is a smart way to save money. It is advisable to keep your heating system at a constant low heat, than to switch it on and off. Condensation is facilitated by cold spots, so you should check the insulation of your house and improve it. Another cause of condensation are single glazing windows, because they tend to be colder than the other parts of your house. You can save money on energy if you properly insulate your house.

Clear the condensation

There is no other better advice than to clear the condensation if you do not have the needed funds to make the above improvements. If you make sure that you regularly clear the surfaces from condensation you can prevent mould to grow and damage to occur. You only need some tissues or a towel that can absorb the humidity. The best way to remove condensation is to open the windows after you clear them and to let the fresh air from outdoors replace the hot one from inside.