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Social security aspects to know about when living in France

If you have decided to move to France for job purposes, you might not know much about what the government provides their citizen with, in terms of social security. Well, you should know that if you are living in France legally, you have access to a few range of perks. However, in order to fully benefit from them, you need to be properly informed and meet certain obligations. Here are a few aspects that may be useful to learn about:

Social security aspects to know about when living in France

Making your Carte Vitale

The first and most important thing to do when you move to France is apply for your Carte Vitale. This is the key to all future social security benefits you might want to obtain. Any citizen or person working and living in France, needs to obtain this type of card. The procedure is not at all complicated, you just have to gather all the documents requested by the government and send your file. There are various support call centers that can help you go through every step of the process, and ensure you are not omitting any important paperwork, just make a phone call to the numero cpam 93 and you will receive all the guidance you need.

Maternity leave

Another great social security aspect that makes France such a great place to live in is the support offered to newly parents. The total costs you will have to pay for your doctor’s appointments can be covered, an as soon as you give birth, and with a few weeks in advance (depending on what your doctor recommends), you can take time from work, while still receiving financial support. Newly mothers do not have to worry about financial aspects after birth.


Losing your job in a foreign country is certainly not an appealing prospect, but you will not have to worry about your living situation in these unpleasant circumstances. If by any chance you do confront yourself with this situation, you should know that the government will support you, and provide you with financial help until you are able to find yourself another job opportunity. Moreover, if you have an education in a field that does not exactly provide so many employment possibilities, you can also enroll in courses that give you the chance to change your career direction. This country offers you all the help you need in becoming once again employed, so losing your job is not something that will force you to go back to your home country, just a bump on the road, which you can easily overcome.

Bing a French citizen comes with various perks, so if you have recently moved to this country to pursue your career goals, learning about the advantages you have access is the wise thing to do. The aspects mentioned above are only a few details that you should know, but to find out more about what steps to take in order to take advantage of all social security benefits, you should discuss with a specialist who can thoroughly explain your rights and obligations.