Tips for Finding Energy Saving Appliances

Our homes require lots of energy in order to offer us the comfort and the convenience that we crave for. Still, there are many ways to reduce our energy bills and cut some of our costs. Giving the times that we live, saving money can seem difficult, but nothing is impossible if you respect some essential rules. What most people don’t know is that an important amount of energy is wasted by appliances. Moreover, standby power also represents a reason why your house uses so much energy, so you need to analyze your priorities, and start searching for solutions to reduce waste. Moreover, you can try turning your place into an environmentally friendly house, and we advise you to start by searching for energy saving appliances.

Tips for Finding Energy Saving Appliances

Look for energy star labels

No matter what type of appliance you want to purchase, you should focus on an Energy Star model. That way, you will obtain an energy-efficient product that you can use for the purpose that it was built without exceeding the energy efficiency standards required by the federal government. All you have to do is search for the Energy Star label when you go shopping, and you will end up making a good purchase. Although Energy Star-rated appliances can be more expensive than regular products, they will pay their price rapidly, so you can see them as a great investment. In some areas of the world, energy costs differ at various times during the day. On that note, if you invest in a programmable dishwasher, you might save some money by setting the dishwasher to start at a certain time. You can find a lot of great programmable, Energy Star dishwashers on

Consider your needs

When searching for dishwashers, refrigerators, coffee makers, air purifiers, or air conditioners, people are very attracted by over-sized products. It is true that having a large family involves buying larger appliances, but there are cases when customers don’t even imagine that a smaller product can offer them the same advantages that a larger one would. Therefore, getting the right size is essential when it comes to saving energy and money. In other cases units with a big capacity don’t even perform as well as clients expected. So, try to consider your needs before rushing into purchasing an inadequate appliance for your house. This is especially important when it comes to refrigerators as they are the most voluminous appliances. Nevertheless, a refrigerator with a compact size and a creatively organized storing space is far better than a plain big fridge. On, you can find reviews about different sized refrigerators and their storing capacities, so that you can choose the most efficient one.

Opt for appliances that run on natural gas

Giving that there are many stoves, dryers and water heaters that run on natural gas, you should replace your old appliances with more practical ones. Natural gas is burned at a power plant, where the heat is converted to electricity, and sent over cables to your house, causing additional costs. Therefore, it is more recommended to replace appliances that run on electricity with appliances that run on natural gas when it is possible. This applies particularly to the dryer which consumes a lot of energy. So if you are in the marker for a new dryer, go for a gas one. For a list of the best gas driers, visit the Horace Rudd reviews site. Horace is very knowledgeable when it comes to dryers and he writes concise reviews that highlight the ups and downs of every dryer. Based on those reviews, you can make an informed purchase.

Read reviews

Reading reviews can tell you a lot more about a product than simple specification sheets. For example, when you buy an air purifier, you will see that like any product it has a estimated yearly cost. Nevertheless, that cost can differ in each home. If you read some reviews on, you will see that the operating time can differ, based on the size of the area where you plan on using the device or the number of airborne contaminants found in your home. The operating time can differ for any product, not just for air purifiers, so you should always read reviews in order to find out more about the appliances that you plan on buying.