Tips on putting together a less expensive wedding

For most people the idea of getting married brings them great joy, but the thought of spending enormous sums of money to do it is unbearable. For some, it is even impossible. If they cannot afford to get married, they won’t and that’s that. Pretty simple, right? Simple or not it does not matter. The only thing that matters is knowing that you can put together a wedding without spending a small fortune.  Some people might argue, saying that it impossible. How could you? After all, you cannot escape without going the restaurant, so how could you plan it for less? Here are three tips that might shade some light on the topic and might even get your hopes up about getting married this year.

Tips on putting together a less expensive wedding

The wedding marque: simple solution


Have you heard of wedding marquee hire South London services? You must have, since everyone is taking about it these days. The marquee is a simple solution, to a rather expensive problem, the restaurant. Basically, you hire the marquee and choose a location to install it. You can have your wedding in your parents’ backyard if it is large enough, by the lake or in a secluded area in the mountains. Options come in a large number. That’s the fun with the marquee. You get the impressive scenery without paying a fortune for it.


Decorations: simpler is better


The marquee offers you a different kind of wedding. What you really get is a party celebrating your union in a scenery that is hard to ignore. Of course you will need a few decorations, as the scenery alone will not be enough. But this is the keyword, a few. The marque doesn’t need a lot to look pretty. These are usually elegant and just a few light balls here and there and flowers should be sufficient. In a restaurant, you would a lot more on decorations, that ‘s for sure.


Choosing the menu


The cost of the wedding should be calculated by including the food as well. This is very important. The type of food you serve can weight a lot on the entire wedding budget. Plus, if your’ wedding is held at some sophisticated restaurant, there is no escaping a large expense. However, when hiring a marque, you can create a more relaxed menu, where quests can help themselves and you can include delicious dishes that are not overly expensive. This way, you can still have satisfied and pleased guests, who won’t complain about the food and you will spent a decent amount of money on it instead of a fortune.