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Top unusual uses for organic raw honey

For centuries, people have been passionate about finding multiple ways of using natural products in diverse ways. What was initially discovered by experimenting and testing was subsequently discovered by research, using scientific methods. If you buy organic honey, you must know that there are plenty of ways in which you can use it, some of those quite unconventional and unexpected. Below are some of those unusual uses.

Top unusual uses for organic raw honey

1. Improve your digestion

You could use a tablespoon or two to counteract indigestion. Raw organic honey does not ferment in the stomach, which makes it perfect to improve digestion.

2. It is a great cure for acne

If you suffer from acne or other similar skin condition, you could create your own face cleanser by mixing a tablespoon of raw organic honey and a half of tablespoon of lemon juice, apply the mix on the face, leave it for ten minutes and then rinse using warm water. The honey also hydrates your face, while the lemon juice dries the pimples. Also, raw organic honey has antibacterial properties, making it perfect for this purpose.

3. Use it if you have mild eczemas

If you mix equal parts of honey and cinnamon, you have a perfect combination for mild eczemas. It calms it and treats some of it.

4. Use it for UTI infections

While antibiotics are widely used for UTI infections, abusing them might also cause such issues. If you want to prevent the downside of using antibiotics for treating urinary infections, you could ingest a couple of tablespoons of honey daily. They act the same way antibiotics do, without damaging the good bacteria in your urinary tract.

5. Cure your sore throat

Another great remedy many have found in honey is for curing sore throat. Like in the previous cases, you only have to ingest a couple of tablespoons of raw organic honey daily and let it do its magic.

6. Use it as a shampoo

Honey is perfect for curing scalp irritations and restoring your hair’s health. You could mix one tablespoon of raw honey with a cup of warm water and use it for washing your hair. If you want to step up the recipe a little, add also a tablespoon of lemon juice.

These are some of the most unusual yet effective uses for raw organic honey. Make sure you only buy such products from trusty manufacturers.