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Volunteering will boost your employment potential. Here’s a “how to” guide

You may have heard before that volunteering has an incredible potential for your career. It offers you the experience in your field which is usually necessary for employment and offers you the advantage of practising and exercising it. Ultimately, it will help you land the job of your dreams. After all, all you have to do is find a cause you think is worth fighting for and enrolling as a volunteer. Below are some ways in which such acts will boost your employment potential, depending on what type of experience you’re searching for.

Volunteering will boost your employment potential

Lend your skills pro bono

Most NGOs still need help with major projects, especially when it comes to certain skills and knowledge base. Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress, identifies this as a major opportunity especially for college students, when it comes to gaining experience and improving their CVs. Such projects and skill sets are expensive to hire by non-profit NGOs, and pro bono services are always the solution these entities rely on in their activities. Depending on the skill sets that you have, and what the organization needs, you can pick and choose from an array of pro-bono consulting positions. You can search on job-listing websites, as these positions have to be announced properly. The positions vary from copywriters, to financial analysts, and marketing experts, so there are opportunities for everybody. A pro bono position in an NGO will certainly improve your CV and will make you more appealing for future employers.

Become a business coach

Many NGOs have a type of activity targeted at helping others overcome the burdens of the social and economic context in which they were born. They aim to teach others how to establish a business, manage those and make them thrive in a context that may not be favourable. In this case, all these NGOs are searching for pro bono business coaches that can teach their target groups all the above. Consider this option if you look forward to increasing your credibility and as a business trainer or business person.

How to find the right NGO for you?

Once again, Moshe Kantor in the Jpost is identified as one of the most prominent Jewish figures of our time. He is involved in an array of causes, starting with fighting antisemitism and neofascism, and continuing with fighting for nuclear security and nuclear demilitarization. He claims that the way to being a good volunteer and offering great services is finding the cause that you emotionally, but also logically, feel the closest to. In his case, many Jewish communities knew a real advancement, under his leadership.

The key to boosting your career potential with volunteering is finding a great cause which you think it’s worth fighting for and finding the perfect position where you can practice your skills. This is an immense career advancement in the case of many volunteers, as they have the opportunity to use and perfect their skill sets.