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What happens when you claim a tax refund?


As a responsible citizen of United Kingdom, you must observe your obligations and responsibilities while enjoying certain benefits. For this reason, you should have extensive knowledge about your duties and your rights. The same principle applies when it comes to paying taxes. If you already spent a few years of your life working, you definitely became familiar with this aspect but you probably do not know all the details and the rules that each situation demands. Sure, you experienced sick leave and even unemployment, which helped you understand more how the process works but you must be aware that unexpected situations may appear and you should be able to act accordingly. For instance, do you know what happens when you leave the country definitively or for a long period? Well, then you will discover for the first time essential information about leaving the UK tax refund.

What happens when you claim a tax refund

Things to consider

If you plan to leave the country, you should think ahead and establish if you will ever come back and when, whether it is for visiting purposes or becoming a resident of United Kingdom again. According to your residency status, you will be informed if you still need to pay taxes from your income outside the country. You are not obliged to disclose the reason you are leaving the country, just for how long because this has the power to influence your claim for a tax refund.

You must calculate your tax refund

This step is fundamental because it will help you find out if you are eligible for a tax refund and the amount of money due. In order to calculate your tax refund, you have to consider not only the earnings and the taxes you have paid within the last year but also when exactly you are going to leave the country. Your employer is able to provide you with the first two details. Moreover, it may be useful to know that you can make the claim from outside the country.

What steps you should follow next

You most likely wonder what happens next. You have many possibilities when it comes to claiming a tax refund. First, you can manage the situation personally and fill in a form or you can use an online service and follow the steps in order to request a repayment. Secondly, you can select a reliable company that can provide professional guidance. In addition, a qualified accountant can answer your questions and give you further information. In addition, do not forget to add the calculation results as prove that you have the right to claim a tax refund.

What happens now?

After you sent your application, you will probably have to wait up to a month in order to benefit from the rightful amount of money. You can receive the money through several methods, whether we are talking about a deposit into your bank account or a cheque. On the other hand, you could be contacted for other information or if you cannot receive the money from various reasons and discuss this aspect.