What makes a car family friendly?

Buying a car when you’re not married and don’t have children is a straightforward affair: it has to meet your budget requirements and be reliable enough to handle the daily commute and the occasional road trip. However, once you get married and your family stars to go, chances are the vehicle in your garage doesn’t quite match your new lifestyle anymore. All of a sudden, the trunk isn’t big enough to fit the travel suitcases of four, the suspensions can’t handle the heavy use and the fuel consumption doesn’t let you save up money for college. In this case, it’s time to say goodbye to your current car and invest in a new, family friendly one. But what exactly does family friendly mean? Here are the things you should look for:


What makes a car family friendly

Reliability and high safety rating

If you have a look online, you’ll see that websites such as Edmunds offers used cars for sale in Los Angeles and you can find a lot of vehicles for a decent price, so budget isn’t really the biggest of your worries. However, safety is. When looking for a family friendly vehicle, don’t just look at design and horse power. Instead, look at reliability and security rating. This isn’t a car that you’ll be taking out for a spin to go to frat parties. It’s a car you’ll drive your kids to school in. It should be equipped with front and rear seat airbags, ABS and other features that reduce the risk of impact.



A family friendly vehicle should be spacious enough to fit not only the entire family, but also their luggage. An SUV is an excellent choice, because it has enough space in the back so everyone can be comfortable during a long road trip and the trunk can also easily fit luggage and camping supplies.


Entertainment options

This feature isn’t exactly a deal breaker, but it’s a nice extra to invest in, especially if you have small children who are easily bored. Think about it: 100 miles to go until you reach the hotel, your oldest kid is throwing a tantrum and the small one keeps asking “are we there yet?”. Nothing like a comedy or animation to keep them busy. To make long trips pass faster, invest in a vehicle that has screens incorporated at the back of the front seats. Or, at least get a high quality surround sound system to play music.