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Why Shopping Direct for Bespoke Adhesives Makes Sense


The number of bespoke adhesive tape convertors in the UK is accelerating like never before. Which is not a very surprising development, given the way in which the demand for bespoke adhesive products is also growing at an incredible pace. Why is that? Well, put simply, now it’s possible to come across bespoke adhesive products that can comprehensively replace every method of fixing and joining materials across the board. Whether it is producing consumer goods, manufacturing marketing materials or completing the kind of projects that would have otherwise meant industrial welding, it’s so much more effective and easy these days to make the switch to a bespoke adhesive.

But while there are more bespoke adhesive suppliers on the market than ever in the past, the same can’t necessarily be said for adhesive product manufacturers. Is there any difference? Indeed there is – in one case you’re looking at those producing them and in the other those who are just selling them. But is there any real difference when it comes to benefit or value to the people buying them?

Put simply, yes – and quite a few of them:

Why Shopping Direct for Bespoke Adhesives Makes Sense

1 – Better Quality

First up, it’s important to realise that when you deal directly with any given manufacturer, you’re to a large extent guaranteed a certain quality level with every product you buy. Consistently ordering products from one single producer means a consistent quality level with each product that is bought. By contrast, to purchase from a third-party supplier will mean taking the risk of said supplier sourcing your required products from a different producer every time. The simple fact being that if a reseller has the opportunity to cut costs and maximise profitability, chances are this is precisely what they’ll do – even it means product consistency/quality suffering as a result.

2 – Value for Money

It is also worth considering simple value for money – the reason is that third-party suppliers don’t tend to work for free. Quite to the contrary in fact, they need to earn a living like everybody else – which means more often than not adding a service charge or a premium onto their product prices. Suffice to say, there are all the kinds of service charges and premiums that can be avoided when ordering directly from those who produce the products in the first place. In almost every case when it comes to common business sense, ordering direct offers exponentially better value for money than purchasing products through third-party middlemen and resellers.

3 – Timely Deliveries

In cases where punctuality and promptness might be important, it is generally advisable to consider buying directly from the producer. While there is nothing to say that resellers can’t possibly provide a punctual and prompt service, there’s simply nothing more convenient or faster than buying directly from the source. The reason is that when you involve a third party in the process, you enter a position where you’re passing your order through additional people. And the more people are involved in the process, the more complicated the process becomes and the higher the possibility of delays.

4 – Issue Resolution

Also worth bearing in mind is the way dealing directly with the manufacturer in the first place means having access to their client service team directly. Chances are you’ll not have any concerns or problems with the bespoke adhesive product you’re supplied with. However, if you do, it’s good to know that you’ll be able to speak directly to those who are responsible for producing and distributing them in the first place, and not relying your concerns and questions via a third party. It is not to say that you’ll not be able to reach a resolution you’re happy with – it is simply that it may not be so easy.

5 – Invaluable Consultancy

Last up, the same is also true right at the start of the transaction when you’re first deciding precisely what it is you need. When you deal directly with the producer, you’re able to ask as many things as you like and profit from their experience and expertise. When you work with a standard reseller however, there is every likelihood that your queries will be relayed to the source. Either this, or the information you receive might not in fact be as reliable as it could be.