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Yes, you can be broke and in fashion

While some people are concerned about saving money, you are concerned about spending money. You cannot help it. You like fine clothes, and almost all your salary goes on designer labels. You like the fact that you can be whoever you want to be, as long as you have the right garments. After a while, shopping will get the best of you. Not only will you spend your entire income on expensive clothes, but you also you max out your credit cards.

Your parents are not willing to help you with money anymore, and the rent needs to be paid. Okay, maybe the situation is not so bad, but you are broke. So, what are you going to do? Will you kick the shopping habit? There is no need to give up shopping just because you are broke. It is quite possible to be broke and in fashion, all at the same time. Curious to know how?

Yes you can be broke and in fashion

Shop at second hand stores

The last place that you would like to be seen is the second hand store. Only losers and poor people shop second hand. Or is that so? What you need to know is that there is no shame in going into thrift shops. Sure, there is a mark of disgrace associated with such places, but do you really care what other people think. People from all walks of life shop at second hand stores and they could not care less about the general opinion.

But why would they spend their time in thrift shops instead of going to the mall. The fact is that stores get supplies from depozite haine second hand and therefore have unique merchandise that does not cost an arm and a leg. What you can find in second hand stores, you are not likely to find anywhere else. If you want to stay on top on fashion trends, you know now where to go.

Learn how to accessorize

Sometimes, it does not matter what clothes you have on, but what accessories you have. A plain thing like a hat can completely change an outfit. If the number of clothes you have is limited, learn how to accessorize them. By doing so, you will be able to wear them several times a week, not to mention that you will not feel the financial burden. Do not limit yourself to hats. Use jewelry, scarves, etc.


Go through your parents closet

No matter what degree of broke you are, you cannot afford to spend great amounts of cash on clothing. If you have shopped second hand this month, that is about it. Not for you, as you have an appetite for fashion. If this is case, you might want to take a look in your parent’s closet. They will not help you with money, but they will surely hand over some of their old clothes.

But why would you want your mom’s or your pop’s old apparel? Because it is vintage and high quality. Just because your folks do not dress fashionable anymore, this does not mean that they have nothing valuable in their closet. Just take a look. You will be surprised to find things that you like.